Best Way To Fix Your Garage

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Fixing a garage door opener is one of the easier things an owner can do. Still, there are times when, after self-diagnosing the issue, you must leave the repair to fix garage door opener to the professionals. One of the first things to check when your door opener stops working is the batteries. That sounds pretty obvious, but garage door openers may not always be the culprit. First, check to make sure the door opens automatically when you press the transmitter button inside the garage. If the door opens, replace the batteries in your remote. This should resolve the problem.


If it does not, you want to make sure that the door’s photo eyes are still working. The photo eyes are installed on all garage doors made after 1993. This is a safety measure that will detect whenever something is passing under the door as it opens. It will stop closing if it senses that there is an object or a person underneath. If these eyes get dirty, they literally cannot see. You can clean them using a cloth and some streak-free cleaner. If that does not work to resolve the problem, you want to call on your professional to fix garage door opener.


The problem could be that the track has become misaligned. When this happens, there can be serious problems that can prove to be dangerous. You should be able to see if the track is misaligned with the naked eye. The problem should only be fixed with the help of a trained and experienced garage door expert. If the opener and the door are in bad enough condition, it may be safer and more cost-effective over time to replace the door as well as the opener. Your garage door professional can help with this, too. If you’re in the Seattle, WA area and you need garage door service, contact the Seattle Garage Door Repair Pros.