Seattle Garage Door Opener Repair

seattle garage door opener services

Do you have a hard time getting in and out of your garage? Are you suspecting that the garage door opener might be broken? Well, you need to contact us for our exceptional garage door opener repair services. Here are some of the signs that you need garage door opener repair services.

1.    Garage Door Not Opening Or Closing
One of the obvious signs that your garage door opener needs to be repaired or replaced is when you press it and the garage door will not open or close as expected. Of course, you might see the light appear on the garage door remote but the door itself will not budge. Once you contact us, we will take a good look at the opener to find out the underlying problem and make sure it is as good as new.

2.    Weird Noises From The Garage Door Opener
It is unusual for your garage door opener to make any noises when you press it. There are some models that produce a distinct sound when pressed to open or close the garage door. Therefore, you should be listening for weird sounds that you have never heard before. Also, if it is producing the same sounds but with a louder pitch, it is a sign that something is wrong. Our experts will look at the opener and find out the reason behind the noises to make sure that it’s working perfectly.

3.    Opposite Actions
Does the garage door open when you press the close button and vice versa? Well, it is a sign that your garage door opener has a few issues that need to be checked out. Of course, if your garage door opens and closes even before you press the button, you need to have it checked out as well. Our experts will inspect both your garage door opener as well as the door itself to make sure that any signals are being relayed perfectly to avoid the confusion.

4.    Older Model
Garage door openers are always being reinvented. If you are stuck with an older model, you will notice a few problems here and there when you are trying to enter or exit into your garage. Of course, our experts can always replace the garage door opener for you and give you a newer model. However, if you are feeling nostalgic with the older one, they can always open it up and replace the older parts and make it as good as new.