Seattle Garage Door Spring Repair


seattle garage spring repair services

Are you worried that your garage door spring is broken but not sure? Well, here are some of the signs that you need garage door spring repair services. Our company has been offering garage door spring repair services and you can always contact us if you notice any of the following signs.

1. Broken Cables
If one of the garage door springs has malfunctioned, you will notice cables that are disconnected to the garage door. There are usually two torsion springs on any garage door. If one comes off, the second one will keep the cables and drums in place but with a lot of pressure. Under all the exertion, the second spring might also get damaged forcing your cables to come loose. Therefore, if you want to know whether or not your garage door springs are damaged, you need to look for any broken or loosely hanging cables on the garage door.

2. Problems Opening The Garage Door
If you are opening your garage door and notice that it will not go up all the way, there is a high chance that the springs might have malfunctioned. The garage door has a sensitivity feature in place which stops it from opening if there is too much force with the action thus reducing any further damage to your door. Contact us immediately and we can repair the garage door spring to allow you to enter or exit your garage effortlessly.

3. Loud Bang When Opening Or Closing Garage Door
If a garage door spring breaks, you will hear a loud bang because a huge amount of energy will be displaced. The torsion springs mounted over the door have a shaft that runs through the middle. If the spring is broken, it will unwind very fast and create a loud bang because of the coils spinning on the shaft. Well, if you happen to hear the loud bang, you need to contact us immediately and let us fix the garage door spring effortlessly.

4. Bent Section Of The Garage Door
Depending on the model of your garage door or the configuration, the top section might start bending if you try opening the door with a damaged spring. It is noticeable if the sensitivity feature is not working on your garage door. Replacing the top part of your garage door might be quite expensive and that’s why you need to repair the garage door spring immediately you notice any damage to avoid such a costly repair.